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Pinellas County - the Ideal Business Climate

Anchored by the urban markets of Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Pinellas has the second largest base of manufacturing employment in Florida. Fortune 500 technology manufacturers Jabil Circuit and Tech Data are headquartered here. Pinellas has diverse, yet symbiotic, industry clusters, including aviation/aerospace; defense/national security; medical technologies; business and financial services; and information technology.

An extensive network of suppliers, service-providers and business associations support operations in these sectors. Relocating businesses can move to Pinellas and expect to begin growing immediately. Pinellas encourages innovation, and with industry giants Home Shopping Network (HSNi), Nielsen, ValPak and Catalina Marketing, it is rapidly becoming Florida’s hub for big data. Through relationships with major universities and high-tech institutes, Pinellas has become a center for research and development in marine science, electronic instruments, medical devices, sensors, nanotechnology and health care. The county is home to numerous business accelerators, like the Tampa Bay Innovation Center and Gazelle Lab, which are committed to nurturing and building new ventures.

Notable Employers: Home Shopping Network (HSNi), Nielsen Media Research, Jabil Circuit, Raymond James Financial, Tech Data, Honeywell, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, ConMed Linvatec, TransAmerica and Bausch & Lomb.